Group Visit Request Form

Thank you very much for expressing an interest in bringing a student group to Illinois Wesleyan University for a campus visit. Group visit requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the visit date. A typical visit will consist of an information session (approximately 30 minutes) and a campus tour (approximately one hour).  However, throughout the year there are times when this isn't possible.  Please provide us with as much detailed information as you can on this form and we will begin working on arranging your visit. Thank you!

Please list three potential visit dates. We will do our best to accommodate your first choice, understanding that you may be attempting to coordinate a second college visit on the same day. No suggested date listed here is guaranteed until you receive a confirmation.
Visit Options
Have you scheduled a group visit to Illinois Wesleyan in the past?
We can offer meal tickets to our campus cafeteria at a reduced rate. Lunch tickets are $7 per person and dinner tickets are $8 per person. Payment is due on the day of the campus visit.
Will you be eating a meal on the Illinois Wesleyan campus?